FAQ/Grading Policy

  • What's your pin grading policy?

Pins are graded on a scale of Standard and Seconds (specified as B and C Grade). As Pins are handmade by lots of workers, it can be nearly impossible to have perfect pins. Seconds pins are sold as is and are nonrefundable. 
    Standard Grading: free of major flaws but may exhibit one or two minor imperfections of the following:
      • stray specs of glitter that either do not belong in an area or do not match the glitter color of the design
      • minor scratches or tarnish either on the metal or enamel
      • a tiny bubble in the enamel
      • paint or tarnish on the backside or sides of the pin
      • minor under-filled or over-filled enamel areas
    Seconds (B) Grading: mostly free of major flaws but may exhibit minor or major imperfections of the following:
      • heavy scratches or dings in the metal or enamel
      • tarnish of metal plating
      • discolored or empty enamel cells
      • larger bubbles in the enamel
      • missing screen print
    (C) Grading: Major flaws listed above that are almost always visible at arms length. Thirds do not always come in shop packaging and are perfect for wearing on the outside of bags or clothes. Please be aware that C grade pins may often have visible issues with focal points on a pin, ie: the face of a character.
    Preordered pins will always be filled as Standards and are the best of the batch. Preordering assures you get the best possible grade of a pin design.
    • What's your standard item grading policy?

    All other items in my shop, aside from pins, are fulfilled as best quality possible. If I happen to have flawed merchandise on hand, they will be added to the listing directly and will be purchasable at a discount. Flaws can vary per item and may be noted directly in the listing in reference to a particular item. :)
    • What's your preorder policy?

    Please be aware that when preordering any item from my shop, you accept the shipping timeline and understand that delays are possible. Once an item is funded and in production, refunds are not accepted. 
    Preordered items will not be refunded UNLESS there is a major change in design OR the timeline extends far beyond the anticipated ship date, in which refunds are on a per situation basis.

    UK residents may preorder for certain items under the knowledge of having their order refunded here and then being asked to re-purchase via my Etsy afterwards with VAT and fees paid. If an item's listing does not mention this, then UK preorders are not open for said item.
    • I'm from the UK, can I buy from you here?

    YES! I am once again taking orders directly from my shop for the UK! Please do be aware, however, that you will pay VAT fees upon arrival into your country's customs department. I am not responsible for VAT or any additional fees that are incurred and all packages are marked as valued.
    • I'm from the EU, can I buy from you here?

    Yes! EU residents may continue to purchase directly from my shop here without interruptions. Please do be aware, however, that you will pay VAT fees upon arrival into your country's customs department. I am not responsible for VAT or any additional fees that are incurred and all packages are marked as valued.
    • What's your shop's return and exchange policy?

    And Vengeance For All does not accept returns or exchanges, unless you are able to provide proof of either unintended defects in an item or proof that a wrong item was sent or an item is missing from your order. If you have any issues at all, or feel as if an item you received was graded incorrectly, please email the shop at andvengeanceforallshophelp@gmail.com or leave a chat with your order number asap! 
    • What's your shop's cancellation policy?

    I accept cancellations within 24 hours of your order being placed - however do be aware that if your order is marked as shipped, I cannot cancel it. 
    • Can coupons or loyalty points be used on preorders or new drops?

    Unless noted in the sale, coupons will not work on preorders or brand new pin drops. Coupons are valid only on in stock merchandise that is not a new drop and cannot be combined or used on already discounted items. A new drop is defined as less than one week old - once an item exceeds one week of availability, basic shop coupons can be applied. Loyalty points can be redeemed on new drops but may not be used on preorders, as these are for funding production costs. 
    • I  accidentally made two separate purchases, can I combine them?

    No worries! Please email the shop at andvengeanceforallshophelp@gmail.com or leave a chat with your order numbers and I will confirm and refund the shipping overage. Please be aware that if you do not let me know and I do not catch it on my own, I will ship your orders separately.
    • I ordered a preorder AND something that is ready to ship... what happens?

    Any ready-to-ship items that are ordered alongside preordered items will ship when the preordered items have arrived and are shipping. If you'd like to have your ready-to-ship items ship as soon as possible, you'll need to pay the secondary shipping.
    • Help! My item has been lost or stolen. What now?

    In the unfortunate event that your package becomes either marked as lost by the USPS or delivered but is not at your address, please immediately call your local post office to open a case AND THEN let me know. In many cases, the post office may mark your package as delivered before actually delivering it and/or may suddenly locate a missing package once a case has been opened locally. Unfortunately, if your package was shipped and delivered to the correct address, it becomes out of my hands. However, please do email the shop with your order number so I can try and work something out with you. 
    For International tracked orders, please be aware that due to COVID-19, there may be 2-4 months of possible delay in delivery of your items. If it has shipped, I cannot do anything until the status officially updates to lost. 
    For domestic orders that are placed without tracking, please allow up to 3-4 weeks before contacting the shop for help. For International, please allow up to 2-3 months.
    • Can you mark my items as a lower value for customs?

    No. Please do not ask this. You are 100% responsible for your country's customs fees. Please do not ask me to commit mail fraud or to pay your bill. You accept this responsibility when you place your order. If you deny the package and it is sent back to me, you will be refunded for the merchandise but not the cost of shipping and handling. 
    • My order has not shipped yet - what gives?

      • If your item is a preorder, please refer directly to the listing for shipping timelines. If it has passed that timeline, you likely received an email with an updated timeline. If not, contact the shop with your order number!
      • If your item is not a preorder, please contact me with your order number if it has gone beyond 5 business days without a shipping notification. I usually ship out once a week, especially during COVID, to keep my family safe from exposure. If you place an order on the weekend, it may not ship until closer to the next weekend. 
    • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes! As long as your country is currently accepting packages, I will ship to you. Please include a contactable phone number for your order if you are International, as this helps in the event that customs in your country needs to contact you. UK customers may purchase my items on my other site.
    •  How should I care for my new items?

    Pins should only be cleaned with warm water and soap sparingly - please make sure to dry them 100% to avoid premature oxidization. It is recommended that you do not give pins to children and that you avoid bumping the pin into surfaces that may cause enamel fill to crack or plating to scuff. 
    Acrylic charms almost always come with a protective film layer on the back of them unless removed by me. If you receive a charm and the back appears cloudy, dirty, or scuffed - please confirm you've first removed the protective layer from it, which is often the cause of concern! Acrylic charms are sturdy but are not indestructible. 
    Stickers listed as waterproof that may be placed on a water bottle should ONLY be washed with lukewarm water by hand and not in the dishwasher. High heat can damage stickers that are waterproof so I always recommend being careful when cleaning. 


    Policies last updated: 11/21/2022.


    Got another question that was not answered here? Feel free to contact me! Thank you. :)